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Bank for International Settlement's Security of Digital CashReport now on the web...

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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:22:59 +0200
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Thanks to all the help I got last week, I have located the
BIS report on Smart Card Security.  I have C&P'd and squeezed
it into HTML format.  There are still many errors in it, notably
many double words that C&P contributed, and I haven't touched the
Annexes (messy footnotes, no graphics or headings).  However, for
those desparate to get their hands on it, go to our page:


and type (anti-bot protocol format):


at the end of the URL.  The real (no errors :-) document is located at:


but only the forward, exec summary and intro are there at the
moment.  When they are all there, I will drop my version.  I
am not really that keen on repairing the errors in my version,
as I gather that BIS will make the original available some day.

But last I looked, they didn't have an email address, so who can say?

[email protected]

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