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Re: Public Schools

>An awful lot of accomplished persons grew up in isolated areas, on small
>farms, and were educated in very small classrooms (or at home).

I can speak of this from experience.  I (currently) live in the near vacinity
of a town we amiably named "cowtown", and used to go to a small ton high
school.  As it turns out, one of the graduates before me at that school went
on to become an astronaut -- after living in almost-vacant "cowtown" all
his life.

Makes /me/ proud to be a citizen of such lightly populated areas.  Besides
it's quieter, safer, and if the government comes for me, I have a kill zone of
at least 5 miles.  Woohoo!


If in fact we are the only intelligent life on this planet, why the fuck are
we in this goddamn mess?
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