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Re: crypto anarchy vs AP

>government power will just be gradually eroded as international 
>businesses gain power, and borders become more open, trade more free, as 
>travel becomes cheaper, and moving to another country becomes less of a 

Okay, from the top: there are a number of reasons why this won't happen. 
One of the most obvious being that businesses are NOT in the business of 
helping people, they are in the business of making money. Trade will not 
become free, travel will not become cheaper, and if they are given the 
powers of a government they would not likely let it's consumer base move 
to a country with a better dental plan, thus borders would not become more 
open. In fact, I can easily picture business leaders inthe throes of 
ecstacy over the prospect of having 260 million people who have no choice 
but to buy their product because there are no other manufacturers. Another
reson is that government is like a giant bumblebee, not too bright, but if
you keep poking at it with a sharp stick it will sting you. Government 
officials are interested in keeping their cushy jobs and expensive hookers, 
if they start to feel threatened by crypto anarchy, who do you think they're 
going to retaliate against? The guy who runs the blockbuster video on the 

>to create the appearance of as free a life style as they can for

ever read "1984"? the appearance of a free lifestyle is most definitely 
not a free lifestyle. I am hardly a friend of the state, and far from 
being an advocate of the church, but multinational corporations running 
the world for their own fun and profit makes my sphincter clench. 

clint barnett
emily carr institute