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Live Cybercast of GA lawsuit press conference

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>Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 11:48:46 -0400
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>Live Cybercast of HB1630 lawsuit press conference
>The ACLU, Electronic Frontiers Georgia, Mitchell Kaye (Georgia State 
>Representative), and others will hold a press conference on their lawsuit 
>against the State of Georgia, concerning HB1630, which is now law. The joint 
>press conference will be broacast live on the internet at 10:30 am on Tuesday
>September 24, 1996. To listen to the press conference, see 
>    http://www.efga.org/realaudio/hb1630.htm
>A note about EFGA:  Electronic Frontiers Georgia has a new website 
><http://www.efga.org/>.  We are now referring to ourselves as EFGA, rather 
>than EFG.  Please update your websites accordingly.
>     -- Robert Costner  (770) 512-8746
>        Electronic Frontiers Georgia
>        [email protected]
>        http://www.efga.org/