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Re: Snake-Oil FAQ


On Sun, 22 Sep 1996, Dale Thorn wrote:
> Maybe I shouldn't have tried to (slightly) change the subject.  It was 
> my thought that someone could encourage the person(s) who wanted to do a 
> Snake-Oil product list to generalize the list, to be a more scholarly 
> reference, and not just a blacklist.  Since the original(?) proposal 
> concerned actual products, and not just techniques which fit into neatly 
> identifiable categories, that might justify a Consumer Reports type of 
> review list for these products.

  One of the goals of a "Snake-Oil FAQ" as proposed is to gain as wide a
distribution as possible.  If a "blacklist" of products is put into the FAQ,
or if actual existing products are referred to a negative light, the
distribution of this FAQ will be severely limited.

  I also think that as a whole, this project is a good idea and a good
mini-project.  As crypto continues to spread, it is inevitable that "bad"
crypto will spread as well.  While these products will surely come and go
with the phases of the moon, some people will be undoubtedly be suckered and
soured towards crypto-technology in general. 

(sarcasm) "If it saves just one...." (\sarcasm) 

  It has been said before that the best way to counter noise is with signal.

  If one of the primary goals of cypherpunks is to encourage the widespread
use of strong crypto, then, by extension, it is important to discourage the
spread of "crappy crypto."

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