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Subject: GA HB1630 Lawsuit:  Press Advisory
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>Joint Media Advisory: 
>Groups to Mount Legal Challenge to Georgia Cyberspace Law
>FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE	Contact: See list below
>Friday, September 20, 1996	
>	ATLANTA, GA-- -The American Civil Liberties Union, Electronic Frontiers
>Georgia, Georgia State Representative Mitchell Kaye (R-Marietta) and others
>will be holding a news conference on Tuesday, September 24 at 10:30 a.m.,
>immediately after filing a lawsuit seeking a preliminary injunction against a
>Georgia law barring communications in cyberspace.  
>	The suit names Governor Zell Miller and Attorney General Michael Bowers as 
>defendants, and will be filed on behalf of 13 plaintiffs.
>     WHO:	
>Attorneys Ann Beeson (ACLU) and Scott McClain (Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore)
>Plaintiffs Robert Costner (executive director, Electronic Frontiers Georgia);
>Jeff Graham (AIDS Survival Project); Rep. Mitchell Kaye (GA House of
>Representatives); Bonnie Nadri (The Page Factory);  Teresa Nelson (ACLU of
>Georgia); Eric Van Pelt  (Atlanta Veterans Alliance); Josh Riley (individual
>plaintiff); and Kimberly LyleWilson (Atlanta Freethought Society).
>     WHAT:
>News conference to announce filing of legal challenge to Georgia
>cyberspace law.
>     WHEN:
>Tuesday, September 24, 10:30 a.m.
>     WHERE:
>ACLU of Georgia 
>142 Mitchell Street SW (at Peachtree), Suite 301, Atlanta 
>(404) 523-6201  
>Note: Copies of the brief and plaintiff affidavits will be available at the
>news conference and online at the EFGA website, <http://www.efga.org/>  and
>through the ACLU's website  <http://www.aclu.org> and America Online site
>(keyword: ACLU).  
>Contacts:       Teresa Nelson, ACLU GA Ann Beeson, national ACLU: 404-523-6201
>		Robert Costner, EFGA: 770-512-8746
>		Rep. Mitchell Kaye: 770-998-2399
>		Scott McClain: 404-881-4138
>		Emily Whitfield, ACLU Nat'l Press Office: 212-944-9800 x426