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Re: Banning annoying users

Daniel Miskell wrote:

| The
| not allowing unsubscribed individuals to post is logical, for a time.  But
| that basically outlaws anon remailers that don't allow you to send to an
| account, and a lot of them don't, from my limited understanding.  Besides, if
| we set up the list to ban people who are 'undesirable', instead of just using
| our own killfiles to do the dirty work for the list, then what is to stop

	If non-subscribers, aka remailers are banned from cypherpunks,
I'll personally subscribe every remailer to the list.  Be a good
exercise in writing filters for the remailers.

	Saying that you can't deal with immature people using
remailers, and thus they should be banned from cypherpunks is ammo to
our opponents, who will sieze the opportunity to say, 'See, even
cypherpunks can't deal with anonymity.'

	The list has gone way downhill, but offers a forum unavailable
elsewhere online.  As Tim points out, you can contribute or leave.
I'm trying to contribute.

	As a basic rule of thumb, if your posts are generating lots of
flames, you're not contributing, you're arguing.  (He says to generate


"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."