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Re: Taking crypto out of the U.S.

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996 07:01:51 -0700, Dale Thorn wrote:

>> Soon I am going to be going overseas to Japan, and I want to take
>> my notebook with me so I can keep up with everything, however, I have
>> encrypted my hard drive and usually encrypt my mail.  Is this in
>> violation of the ITAR to keep everything the same when I go over?

>Bad enough now that many places require you to put your laptop computer 
>through the big gray x-ray machine (no exceptions in some places, 
>especially federal buildings in the U.S.), but if they start requiring 
>you to list individual files (?????).

Very high potential for abuse here! <g> 

 Under HPFS (OS/2's file system) each file takes a minimum of 512 bytes.   On
your average $200 2GB drive, that'd be around 4194304 files.  I wonder if
they have that much printer paper? (Particularly to handle those fully
qualified filenames...) <g>  Now, if you were some sort of
evil-cypherpunk-hacker, you might have a hacked copy of Linux that has some
really "creative" file systems (The fractal file system - 5 trillion files
and counting) and puts that to shame.   Even better, have something
equivelent to a source-code shrouder that would go through and create a bunch
of random looking file names (Was PGP 0e3ahjw2.exe or 052a6v62.obj?)

In other words, I have a feeling this would fly about as far as a V-22.