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Re: Lexis and Privacy - Bill approaches.

This would be good if the bills were written well and thoughtfully. 
Unfortunately, they explicitly extend executive branch regulatory
jurisdiction to the Net. At least the one I read did; I understand there
are multiple versions. 


On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Black Unicorn wrote:

> Pressure from the FTC Which fielded hundreds of complaints about Lexis and
> the social security number scrap) has prompted members of the Banking
> Committee to add provisions to the most recent spending bills which
> protect personal information (including social security numbers, phone
> numbers, addresses, and so forth) under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
> This limits access to this information to credit agencies and otherwise
> authorized entities.  (Of which I assume Lexis is not one).
> It's not great protection, but it's something.
> I urge everyone to take their own measures to protect personal data
> regardless of what some piece of paper on a library shelf says is
> protected.  The only real protection is not to allow release of the data
> in the first place.
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