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Re: Bernstein hearing: The Press Release

At today's SAFE crypto hearing in the House, Congressperns quizzed 
Gorelick about what the fuck the administration is trying to do by having 
their lackies attach amendments to the omnibus export act that would 
prevent judicial review of Commerce Dept export control decisions. It's 
already cleared the House.

"no court shall have power or jurisdiction to review any such decision by 
an action in the nature of mandamus or otherwise."



On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Peter D. Junger wrote:

> Greg Broiles writes in a most informative posting:
> : And that's what the ITAR is - a body of administrative law developed by the
> : executive branch pursuant to a grant of power from Congress. (e.g., 22 USC
> : 2778(a)(1), ". . . The President is authorized to designate those items
> : which shall be considered as defense articles and defense services for the
> : purposes of this section and to promulgate regulations for the import and
> : export of such articles and services. The items so designated shall
> : constitute the United States Munitions List.") It is subject to review by
> : the courts just like the product of Congress itself; and an agency can't do
> : something Congress can't do, like write an unconstitutional law.
> It should be added though that most administrative regulations are
> subject to judicial review by courts to make sure that they comply with
> the law passed by Congress.  The ITAR, on the other hand, are not
> subject to this sort of review and can only be challenged in the courts
> on Constitutional grounds.
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