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Edited Edupage, 19 Sept 1996

From:	IN%"[email protected]" 20-SEP-1996 01:52:41.56

>Edupage, 19 September 1996.  Edupage, a summary of news about information
>technology, is provided three times a week as a service by Educom,
>a Washington, D.C.-based consortium of leading colleges and universities
>seeking to transform education through the use of information technology.

>New software developed by Lucent Technologies is designed to give Internet
>callers quicker access to one another and allows them to converse via their
>computers as if they were on a regular speaker-phone.  Previous software has
>been half-duplex -- one party must stop speaking before the other can
>"capture" the line.  Lucent plans to market the software to AT&T, the Bell
>companies and Internet service providers for distribution to their
>customers.  By the end of the year, Lucent plans to enhance the software so
>that users can videoconference over the Internet.  (Wall Street Journal 18
>Sep 96 B8)

I'd wonder if a patch can be built to encrypt each packet as it goes out? I'm
guessing that what they've done is improve the voice compression, so there will
be a relatively small amount of data to encrypt.

>Next month, Metalithic Systems Inc. will release a $1500 sound board called
>Digital Wings that uses field-programmable gate array computer chips that
>can be personalized, allowing the user to create and edit up to 128
>soundtracks.  When used in combination with Windows 95, Digital Wings will
>give users access to audio synthesis and editing tools comparable to those
>of a professional sound studio.  (Business Week 23 Sep 96 p86)

	I wonder exactly how reprogrammable this system is...

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