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Re: AP

Derek Bell <[email protected]> writes:

> In message <[email protected]>, "Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM" writes:
> >Yes, I do.
> 	I'm not sure what you mean here. Is it:
> 1. You hold people respobsible for what they did, not what their government
> did. (Assuming said people didn't take part in what the government did.)
> 2. You agree that the IRA could justify killing any British citizen, even if
> said citizen supported the IRA or agreed with its aims.
> 3. Something else. (Please specify.)

(Redirected to the list.)
Any British citizen, irrespective of s/he thinks about the IRA, has
benefited economically from the 800 years of pillaging and genocide
in Ireland.  I see no problem if they pay with their lives for
these crimes. Likewise I see no problem if U.S. civilians pay with
their lives for their government's crimes in Iraq, even if they
happen to disapprove of these crimes.


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