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Re: Hallam-Baker demands more repudiations or he'll write!

Phil Fraering wrote:
> I guess the final word on assasination politics would be obvious:
> It's widely believed that the New Orleans Mafia (the source of my
> recent statement about body decomposition in Louisiana swamps) was a
> prime driver in the assasination of the late President John F. 
> Kennedy.
> I think it's fairly safe to say that having done this didn't do them a
> damn bit of good. It didn't do anyone else a damn bit of good.
> The world remained just as corrupt as it always was.

Sometimes a person just gets mad, and what can you do?

Anyway, a long time ago, someone inscribed a small stone or tablet with 
fragments of several obscure written languages, later to be called the 
Rosetta Stone. The JFK assassination is a Rosetta Stone too.  Dig in!