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Re: ISPs' information on users

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:

> Just why do you think I was elliptical in my comments? To type three lines
> instead of just typing the name? Think about it.

Oh. That organization. I thought it was simply because the topic had been
done to death.

Speaking of topics being done to death, I'm probably going to cease my
subscription to cypherpunks as soon as my subscription to the filtered
list is confirmed. (Which is why I'm not following up to Vulis' messages
any more... the conversation would probably stop anyway when I stopped
seeing his half of the messages, and I probably wouldn't see mine on
the filtered list anyway...)

> With Webcrawlers looking for names of organizations--and the Cypherpunks
> archives show up on such searches--and with some organizations being very
> quick to sue for perceived defamation....

This brings up something else: the last time I tried to find the
cypherpunks archives on a web search they didn't show up.

The last time I accessed them was in March, and they were kind-of sick
then... I guess things just got too bad for the archival scheme to handle?

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