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Re: Cuba, Iraq, AP...

At 09:08 AM 9/26/96 -0500, Phil Fraering wrote:
> Shortly after the Gulf War elements in the Iraqi military tried to
> overthrow Hussein; they apparently tried to co-ordinate with the U.S., who
> tried to co-ordinate with Saudi Arabia, who warned Saddam that there was
> going to be a coup attempt; gotta stop that Ol' power vaccuum...
> The fact that the people who performed the Bay of Pigs were enticed into
> it by promised but withdrawn U.S. military support is a matter of public
> record; would Castro still be in power had the United States not 
> (intentionally? I don't know) destroyed the core resistance against him
> in that fashion?

Two rulers, one of whom is a communist, have more in common than two
communists, one of whom is a ruler.

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