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Re: Hallam-Baker demands more repudiations or he'll write!

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Jean-Francois Avon wrote:

> On 25 Sep 96 at 5:59, Brian Davis wrote:
> > I disagree that that will be the response, but you should be willing
> > to allow one group of people to fight fire with fire.
> But generally, it has been found a much better solution to fight fire
> with water, and this is why I am not convinced of the ideological 
> effectiveness of AP, although I don't doubt it's operationnal 
> effectiveness at all.

If by "operation effectiveness" you mean some people will be killed, I 
agree.  I also agree with the fire/water comment (maybe in more ways than 
one!); my comment related to my belief that AP-supporters shouldn't 
complain about especially draconian measures taken against them by 
governments, given their modus operandi.


> I will take that sentence only slightly out-of-(specific)-context and
> make a still pertinent remark about it:
> 	This is *exactly* what Jim Bell, because of his opinions,
> 	envision to do with the AP system.
> I find that absolutely hilarious!
> jfa
> Please reply by e-mail since I am not on Cypherpunks anymore.