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   9-26-96. NYP: 
   "Potential Flaw In Cash Card Security Seen. Counterfeiting 
   a Risk, Say Bellcore Scientists." Markoff. 
      A potential security flaw has been discovered that might 
      make it possible to counterfeit many types of the 
      electronic-cash "smart cards" that are now widely used 
      in Europe and are being tested in this country, reports 
      a paper set to be released today. 
      The Bellcore researchers said that a smart card's 
      security could be breached by forcing the microchip in 
      the card to make a calculation error, whether through 
      sophisticated means like bombarding the card with 
      radiation or perhaps cruder methods like placing it in 
      a microwave oven. A mathematical formula they derived 
      could use this error to extrapolate the secret data that 
      authenticates the card when it is used. 
   http://jya.com/flawed.txt  (6 kb)