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Re: Hallam-Baker demands more repudiations or he'll write!

At 01:27 PM 9/26/96 -0500, Jean-Francois Avon wrote:
>On 26 Sep 96 at 10:49, Brian Davis wrote:
>> If by "operation effectiveness" you mean some people will be killed,
>> I agree.  I also agree with the fire/water comment (maybe in more
>> ways than one!); my comment related to my belief that AP-supporters
>> shouldn't complain about especially draconian measures taken against
>> them by governments, given their modus operandi.
>I don't think that any of them will complain because they understand 
>the nature of it.  I think that Jim Bell (forgive me Jim...:) view 
>that there will be only limited retaliation from government is not 
>guaranteed at all.  As I said somewhere previously, the whole thing 
>will depend on how the authorities view AP as (non-) attackable.  
>Here is the post I wrote earlier:
>------- earlier post -------
>jim bell recently wrote:
>> Local police action against an AP organization would, of course, be
>> deterred by the prospect of naming anybody who would go after it,
>> and soliciting donations against them.  
>I don't agree here.  It would all be a matter of timing, unless the
>number of AP servers would be sprouting out faster than police forces
>would be able to destroy them.  You have to realize that if the money
>is seized, noboby will be willing to make a hit since the odds of
>being paid are not too good.  Just play the game "Command and Conquer"
>for a while and you'll see.  Money is fuel.  Don't run off of it!

Uh, okay, I didn't mean to suggest that attacks would be entirely 
eliminated.  (The term "deterred" really needed to be quantified there, even 
for a native English speaker.)

But my main point was that (as evidenced by Brian Davis' unwillingness to 
acknowledge that the people who run the system will engage in illegality to 
stop AP) there is a certain hesitancy on the part of the "ruling class" to 
abandon at least the facade of legality that they often promote.  


Jim Bell
[email protected]