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Re: AP Protocol Failures [NOISE]

> >> 	Troops are in Northern Ireland for a very simple and depressing
> >> reason. People like Jim want to impose their will on others by force.
> But AP is great - adding more violence to Ireland is just the thing
> they need........
     It wouldn't ADD more violence. 

> One of the strong negatives of AP is that it leads to reverse AP -
> if you don't know _which_ Hatfield killed the latest McCoy, 
> you might as well just shoot one or two Hatfield Boys at random.  
> If you kill off GrandDaddy Hatfield, there's nobody to say 
> "OK, let's stop shooting each other"; instead there's a bunch of 
> angry grandkids, and uncles, _all_ of whom have the
> authority to say "Let's go kill the McCoy bastards who did this!"
> The protocols may work when there's one hierarchical target -
> they don't work with two.  Hammurabi's law about "An eye for an eye
> and a tooth for a tooth" was a _limitation_ on the amount of vengeance
> you were allowed to take, not a minimum required vengeance.

     Putting AP into place doesn't make murder legal. You could still 
be arrested, tried (depending on the jurisdiction) and punished for it. 

     All AP allows is people who don't have the skills necessary to 
do the job pay for it. 

    Wait, that didn't come out right.

    AP simply allows people without the assination skill set to purchase 
access to those skill sets annonymously. There are many, many people out
there who are either too squemish to kill, or are philosophically opposed
to killing. They won't use this system. There are many other without the 
skills nessary to kill higher level targets without getting caught. 

   Without getting caught. That is the key. There is a very good chance 
would AP be implemented that someone might put make a bet on me. I tend 
to piss people off. I am also a slightly harder target than Joe Average.
Not much, because of the neighborhood I live in. Around here you could 
probably buy my death for a $100 bucks worth of crack. 

   Of course, the police will investigate, and since I am white, and not
involved with gangs and drugs, they might even bother to find out who 
wacked me. 

    If someone hits Bill Clinton, then there is a very good chance that
many many people will be wondering who won the bet. While it isn't possbile
(assuming here) to trace the bet side, the assination is an event that takes
place in the real world where physical evidence is considerably difficult 
to obscure.  

     There will be people looking for both killers, but I'd bet that the
people investigating Clintons death would be much more likely to be bet 
against than those investigating mine. 

Petro, Christopher C.
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