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Re: Hallam-Baker demands more repudiations or he'll write!

On 26 Sep 96 at 20:46, snow wrote:

>      Having been a firefighter for about 4 years, I can say that for
> small fires water works quite a bit better. For larger fires (over a
> hundred acres or so) setting a backfire, or burning out the fuel in
> the direction the fire is probably going to go is a hell of a lot
> easier than hauling millons and millions of gallons or
> blood^h^h^h^h^h water.
> Petro, Christopher C.
> [email protected] <prefered for any non-list stuff>
> [email protected]

Well, let's not debate over firefighting, a lousy analogy...

As long as Canadair sells water bombers, let them do.  It brings 
money to Montreal...


As for Jim Bell, he would probably say that he just proposes to use 
your techniques. :)