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Re: ssh - How widely used?

Actually, I recommend systems based on threat and comfort.  If the
system is protected (ie, behind a firewall, on a compartmentalized
network), I use ssh, no problem.  I use ssh even where I'm not
comfortable with it because I'm more comfortable with it than with the
alternatives, but there are times when the "No remote access" option
is more comfortable than ssh.


Perry E. Metzger wrote:

| Chad Dougherty writes:
| >  > 	Despite all this, I use it, like it, and recomend it for use
| >  > in systems not likely to come under attack by professionals.
| > 
| > Why do you say "not likely to come under attack by professionals"?
| > Have you found security holes in it?
| Security professionals do not recommend use of systems they feel less
| than perfectly comfortable with whether or not they know of specific
| holes.

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