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HBO_ped Phill's AP Op-Ed

   9-27-96. NYP: 
   "Unnoticed but Deadly, the I.R.A.'s Secret 'Sleeper' " 
      Members of a counterterrorism force stormed the building 
      where Mr. O'Neill lived, threw tear-gas canisters into 
      his second-floor back apartment and shot him six times 
      as he stood in the doorway. The police said Mr. O'Neill 
      made a threatening gesture at them, but he was later 
      found to have been unarmed. An intelligence officer 
      said, "The sleeper is totally committed, aware of all 
      the surveillance techniques and our ability to penetrate 
      the organization. He knows when to keep his mouth shut. 
      He stays as anonymous as possible." 
   "South African Links Top Spy To the Slaying Of Olof Palme" 
      The commander of a police hit squad testified today that 
      the assassination, by a lone gunman who shot Mr. Palme 
      in the back of the head, had been the work of Operation 
      Long Reach, a secret apartheid-era program intended to 
      harass, silence and gather information about opponents 
      of South Africa's white-led Government abroad. "It was 
      one of Craig Williamson's Operation Long Reach 
      projects," he said. 
      Officially, Mr. Williamson left the police department in 
      1985, ostensibly to go into business with an Italian 
      millionaire operating from the Seychelles. In reality, 
      he then started Long Reach, a company that did some 
      legitimate international security work, but which was 
      largely created to give him the cover to do whatever he 
      pleased around the world.