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Call for Papers


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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 96 09:49:03 EDT
From: Nick Maxemchuk <[email protected]>
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Subject: Call for Papers

	   IEEE	Journal	on Selected Areas in Communications

Significant investments	are now	being made worldwide to	develop	an
infrastructure for on-line services and	electronic commerce.  A	major
impediment is the lack of effective protection of copyright for
content	owners and of privacy for users.  Digital data can be easily
copied and redistributed widely	without	any loss of fidelity. One
promising idea is to discourage	illicit	distribution by	watermarking
digital	objects	with hidden copyright messages to proclaim ownership
and unique identifiers to help trace pirates. The techniques of
information hiding are in many ways related to mechanisms that can be
used to	protect	the anonymity of system	users by concealing address,
location and routing information. The problem becomes even more
interesting when privacy protection and	copyright protection must be
combined in the	same system.

We seek	fundamental papers on watermarking of digital data, on
techniques for anonymous communications, and design and	analysis of
systems	that protect copyright and/or privacy.	A partial list of
topics is as follows:

   + watermarking of digital data
   + anonymous communications
   + steganography
   + covert and	subliminal channels in networks	 protocols
   + combining copyright and privacy protection
   + experiments and attacks
   + tradeoffs between performance and security

Prospective authors should email their manuscripts (PostScript format
only) or send six hard copies to one of	the Guest Editors listed
below, according to the	following schedule.  Please direct all email
enquiries to [email protected]

	     Manuscript	Due:		March 1, 1997
	     Acceptance	Notification:	August 1, 1997
	     Final Manuscript Due:	November 1, 1997
	     Publication Date:		2nd Quarter 1998

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