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Re: Public Schools

In <[email protected][]>, on 09/27/96
   at 10:36 PM, "Timothy C. May" <[email protected]> said:

At 3:02 AM +0000 9/28/96, attila wrote:

>        a very unusual situation  --but I live in rural southern
> utah where the regional middle school of 1200 can support 4
> bands, the top 2 being very impressive, and provide full AP
> classes, and ACT

Wow! Utah is teaching AP?  Is Jim Bell being brought in as a
Special Lecturer?

        come on, Tim... you are not that old.  AP has three meanings
    (at least):

        1.  Associated Press (news gathering)
        2.  Advanced Placement (as in college credit for HS classes)
        3.  not widely known:  Jim Bell's Assassination Political

        I wonder if Jim Bell would enjoy his stay in Utah's Dixie?
    there is only one bar in Washington county, and I understand
    it's pretty limited (if you even find it!).

(I knew Idaho has special Militia classes, but to hear that Utah is
now teaching Assassination Politics is pretty impressive.)

        Utah does not need militia classes:

        1.  opening of deer season (Oct 20) is a state holiday.
            thing shuts down: schools, business, government... we take
            it real serious....

        2.  according to info I scanned from one of those moving
            target bleeding heart liberals, utahns have more weapons
            than children, and you know we have a lot of children.

        3.  if you are aware of Mormon heritage: despite a trail of
            blood from Kirtland (mild), Missouri (3 times, severe),
            and Nauvoo (medium), only one incident (in Missouri)
            found Mormons fighting to defend themselves.  In Utah,
            we endured an occupying U.S. army for almost 50 years
            while statehood was denied...  and our leaders were
            imprisoned, property and assets confiscated, etc.

        that's OK, tim;  I'm glad you're still feeling your oats in
    your old age!

one of the few things we all share:
  the utter, corrosive contempt for our elected officials.