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Re: Crypto and six yr old sex perverts: Project Electric Potatoes [CRYPTO]

[email protected] wrote:
> Using crypto may be required to keep ya outta jail, given the
> guberment has gone so far low as to "route out this six year old sex
> pervert busy kissing the girls." (Quoted for emphasis.)
> I wonder when sexual harassment will become a sex offence.  Are the
> red sashed sex cores of Orwell's 1984 around the corner?

[remaining text and technical-related discussion deleted]

This post is a perfect example of why you'd need a comprehensive 
definition of how to use the "[CRYPTO]" string in subject headers.

Could I suggest:

1. [CRYPTO] at the extreme left for actual technical discussion (with
   examples and math, probably).
2. [CRYPTO] elsewhere in the subject line, to indicate crypto
   technically-related discussion without examples and math, as in the
   end of the Project Electric Potatoes posting.
3. [CRYPTO] nowhere in the subject line for all else.