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Re: Public Schools

On Sat, 28 Sep 1996 23:23:32 -0400 (EDT), themom wrote:

>I have to agree with the final Quote....I am Good in math, chemistry and 
>computer science I am good in any Logical cource but I have trouble in 
>places liek " Creative Writing" I take all AP cources and make A's and 
>B every now and again in english...I have a 3.7 gpa but a LOW sat in the 
>grammar and english sections, 1100 in all I don't think colleges should 
>look at the subjects you dont plan to major in...I plan to major in 
>computer science when I go to college, so I dont think they should look 
>so much at say english, or biology.  I get so frustrated in some of those 
>classes....BTW I am a Junior in highschool

I recently graduated HS and am at the local community college preparing to
transfer to a 4-year.  Meaningless indicators as follows:  3.9GPA,  1490 SAT
(800 Verbal 690 Math - I haven't had a math course since Trig/Precalc in my
sophomore year - I was 2 years ahead but moved to 2 districts which didn't
even have calculus) - which is up 120 points from my freshman year.

Anyway, as far as what colleges look for, they do care about non-major
classes but don't, obviously, weight them as highly.   As far as the real
world (i.e. employment) goes, many places realize you aren't going to learn
much in 4 years.  They want to see not that you have specific experience but
that you know how to think and especially how to teach yourself.   If you can
show that you can adapt well to market changes you probably won't have to
worry about work...

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