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Re: Public Schools

In <[email protected]>, on 09/28/96 
   at 11:11 PM, [email protected] (Adamsc) said:

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996 22:36:57 -0800, Timothy C. May wrote:

> attila wrote:
>>        a very unusual situation  --but I live in rural southern utah    
>>where the regional middle school of 1200 can support 4 bands, the 
>> top 2 being very impressive, and provide full AP classes, and ACT

>Wow! Utah is teaching AP?  Is Jim Bell being brought in as a Special
>Lecturer? (I knew Idaho has special Militia classes, but to hear that Utah is
>now teaching Assassination Politics is pretty impressive.)

Now, ignoring the humorous parts, wouldn't that be a scary thought?  Pro-AP
high school students?  I could just imagine the death toll rising as the
"popular" students are knocked off by jealous rivals,  as the dumped
[boy/girl]friend gets even, etc.  It'd be hard for any non-homeschooled
student to live to 18.

        considering our history of persecution, and our acceptance of
    the bloody marches across America, driven my mobs --I doubt you
    could get an Jim Bell AP movement going.  despite the fact the
    Federal army (an entire army) occupied Utah for almost 50 years
    and the U.S. refused statehood for almost 50 years, everyone is
    still basically very patriotic.

        yeah, as a humourous thought for the theatre of the absurd, 
    active AP might be ideal in NYC, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland,
    Buffalo, and the District of Columbia with surrounding regions.
    let them clean themselves up for 9 cents a pop.  

        can't you just see Marion Barry on his knees begging for his
    life, promising to keep you in crack heaven!?

 "That's our advantage at Microsoft; 
   we set the standards and we can change them."
       --- Karen Hargrove, Microsoft 
           (quoted in the Feb 1993 Unix Review editorial)

        and, if this is not the gawd-awful truth, I must have just got
    off the bus...  typical, typical MS arrogance. 
        a toast! a toast to their early demise!