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GPS and other Dual-use technologies

I used to be an avid RC modeler and have contemplated organizing an
on-going amateur cruise missile contest.  The object would be to accurately
deliver various payload weights over courses of various terrain and
distances (perhaps out to a hundred miles or more in the case of Giant
Scale craft).  Judging would be based on speed, stealth (noise, IR
emissions and radar cross section) and accuracy.

Craft are free to use any navigational technology, but must be autonomous
from launch to delivery.  To aid navigation I was considering the design of
a substitute differential GPS beacon functionally interchangable with those
offered by the USCG.  My device would work on a different frequency,
possibly using very wideband direct sequence spread spectrum (for low
probability of intercept/detection) and be actuated by the missile as it
neared the target in order to refine its position.

-- Steve

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