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Re: Utah as a Religious Police State

On 29 Sep 96 at 17:36, Ryan Russell/SYBASE wrote:

> Hmm...never heard that one before.  Care to produce
> a reference?
> (Or am I supposed to be ignoring this guy when he
> makes ridiculous claims?)
>     Ryan

I suspect that Dmitri is referring to the Mountain Meadows Massacre.  
It's not a pretty story and is one of the low points of Mormon 

The late historian Juanita Brooks wrote about the masscre, and about 
the leader, John D. Lee, in a couple of books.  

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> Subject: Re: Utah as a Religious Police State
> Ryan Russell/SYBASE writes:
> > I guess that depends on your definition of liberty.  The Mormons
> > originally moved there to have a place to practice their religion,
> > and have freedom from persecution.  I suppose one could extend that
> > to wanting a place to have the freedom to have a set of rules consistant
> > with their beliefs.  Should that include freedom from interferance from
> > folks such as yourself who want to change their rules, even though
> > you're not presently effected?
> It's worth noting that one of Utah mormons favorite pastimes was to ambush
> the settlers heading for California, kill them all, and take their property.
> However the mormons were dealt with much less severely than the local Indians
> who tried the same tricks. Pity.
===end vulis rant===


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