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RE: Looking for Qualified Individual/Firm to Contract for Cryptanalysis

I saw this

> > I am looking for one or more people (or firms) who are qualified to perform
> > world class cryptanalysis work. Please send mail to me at [email protected]
> > call in the U.S. at +1 408.479.7874
> >
> > Jack Oswald

and then this...

> [from alt.religion.scientology, where net-activist Grady Ward is a subject
> of a lawsuit from the Scientologists...]
> Grady Ward posted updates in his case of alleged copyright and trade
> secret violation. 
> "Word as of September 26, 1996 at 10:00 AM is that the technician who has
> been trying to 'crack' files apparently encrypted using PGP has admitted
> that 'he can make no further progress' after a month of concentrated
> effort. 
> "The disks will remain in a safety deposit box until the 'ho reveals any
> new plans for bringing in cryptography experts to assist in the analysis." 

[the 'ho here is a nasty name for the religions key lawyer, Helena

The trial is happening in San Jose, and I wouldn't be at all surprised
if the attempted cryptanalysis is happening there, too.  They've been
working at it for a few months now.

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