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(Firewalls) Where is that Snake Oil FAQ again?

This may of course, just be a troll.

----- Forwarded message from Anonymous -----

>From [email protected]  Sun Sep 29 21:27:09 1996
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 02:37:26 +0200 (MET DST)
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Subject: New Release - Software OTP Encryption.
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From: [email protected] (Anonymous)
Organization: Replay and Company UnLimited
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         I apologize for this intrusion into your affairs. Please
         forgive but we do have important information that will be of
         interest to Internet users.

         Would you like to secure your hard disk files against
         compromise by Internet Interlopers? Would you like to
         communicate over Internet in absolute privacy? We can provide
         you with the tools necessary to do those two things in an
         absolute sense.

         Briefly, we have developed the first software sourced OTP,
         which is provably as good as any hardware sourced OTP that
         can possibly be be generated. Most experts thought that this
         could not be done, but we have done it, and can prove it.

         Our prices are:

         - $95.00  for a complete dual user system,  the full package
                   for two users, but your communications are limited
                   to that single user -

         - $95.00  for a complete Elita unlimited usage system - that
                   is you can protect your internal files, and
                   communicate with anyone else that has an Elita
                   system, or more comprehensive Ultima system below.

         - $195.00 for a complete Ultima Internet/intranets system,
                   this allows user to protect their own files -
                   communicate with anyone that has an Ultima, or an
                   Elita, system - to form hierarchal work groups that
                   provide the same protection - and to customize
                   their system variables to achieve the maximum

         We are also going to open up the whole company for outside
         participation - it is going to a completely open Internet
         Distributive Company, we believe the first one of its kind.
         Anyone is welcome to participate in the venture.  All
         marketing is to be done on an lucrative MLM basis, program
         development will be done on a royalty/commission on adjusted
         gross income basis.  Everyone that participates will share in
         the rewards.  System testing will also be handle in a similar
         manner, and system engineering will be handled on a fee for
         services and participation basis. If you can perform, you can
         win big, really big. If you just try to perform, you will
         still win.

         This is an important opportunity for you, take advantage of it
         at this most opportune time, To order, call us at 817-691-
         1081, or write to us at 2629 Plaza Parkway, Suite B-20,
         Wichita Falls, Texas, or order through Internet 
         or e-mail us at:  [email protected]

         For more details, visit our web site at:


         Our apologies again, but we believe it to be important.


Don Wood, IPG

"None can be so true to your secret as yourself."

                                             - Sa'Di

----- End of forwarded message from Anonymous -----

"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."