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While I didn't respond to Sandy's poll, for the obvious reason plus the
reason I use to almost never respond to polls, I'm not surprised at the
results. Most of us learn as children that "name calling" is rarely an
effective debating technique, and responding to such name calling even less

(It may be that non-Americans, judging from several recent examples, are
not exposed to the "sticks and stones" meme, and assume childish
name-calling is effective debate.)

A few years ago, when Detweiler was unable to convince people about his
points by use of logic, he fell into this path, and ranted on and on for
several months, before finally either burning out or having enough accounts
yanked for abuse. I think not getting responses from me was what angered
him the most. Interesting that Detweiler returned with a _Russian_ nym.

Whether Vulis will burn himself out is unclear. Judging by his "spit" page,, I rather imagine he has a years-long
supply of bile stored up. Must have been those cold Russian winters.

--Tim May

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