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Re: Utah as a Religious Police State

A couple of people have pointed out what he was talking about,
one of which is below.  I haven't been able to find an article on
the web that does more than reference the event.  I'll try to hunt
up one of the books.  If anyone cares, I'll post what I find later.


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Date: 09/30/96 06:53:41 AM
Subject: Re: Utah as a Religious Police State

On 29 Sep 96 at 17:36, Ryan Russell/SYBASE wrote:

> Hmm...never heard that one before.  Care to produce
> a reference?
> (Or am I supposed to be ignoring this guy when he
> makes ridiculous claims?)
>     Ryan

I suspect that Dmitri is referring to the Mountain Meadows Massacre.  
It's not a pretty story and is one of the low points of Mormon 

The late historian Juanita Brooks wrote about the masscre, and about 
the leader, John D. Lee, in a couple of books.  

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> Subject: Re: Utah as a Religious Police State
> Ryan Russell/SYBASE writes:
> > I guess that depends on your definition of liberty.  The Mormons
> > originally moved there to have a place to practice their religion,
> > and have freedom from persecution.  I suppose one could extend that
> > to wanting a place to have the freedom to have a set of rules consistant
> > with their beliefs.  Should that include freedom from interferance from
> > folks such as yourself who want to change their rules, even though
> > you're not presently effected?
> It's worth noting that one of Utah mormons favorite pastimes was to ambush
> the settlers heading for California, kill them all, and take their property.
> However the mormons were dealt with much less severely than the local Indians
> who tried the same tricks. Pity.
===end vulis rant===


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