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RE: Looking for Qualified Individual/Firm to Contract for Cryptanalysis

At 07:00 AM 9/30/96 -0700, [email protected] (Thaddeus J. Beier) wrote:
>I saw this
>> > I am looking for one or more people (or firms) who are qualified to perform
>> > world class cryptanalysis work. Please send mail to me at [email protected]
>> > call in the U.S. at +1 408.479.7874
>> >
>> > Jack Oswald
>and then this...
[news about Grady Ward, and the Scientology cult's attempt to decrypt his files]
>The trial is happening in San Jose, and I wouldn't be at all surprised
>if the attempted cryptanalysis is happening there, too.  They've been
>working at it for a few months now.

Not necessarily.  The answering machine at the phone number listed mentions
"RPK" as the company, and this company has non-Grady reasons for looking for
these skills.

>From their web page at http://crypto.swdev.co.nz/:
"The RPK public key cryptosystem provides industrial-strength public key
cryptography that's available worldwide. "

"You'll find full technical information, free evaluation software and
development tools, and details of our SafeCracker Challenge program where you
can earn a $$$ REWARD $$$ while trying to put us out of business! "

They could just be looking for people to test their own stuff.