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   9-30-96. NYP: 
   "National Security Experts Plan for Wars Whose Targets and 
   Weapons Are All Digital." 
      Is the threat real, or is this just another way to win 
      scarce funds? 
      Military and intelligence officials believe that enemy 
      nations, terrorists and criminal groups either already 
      have the capability to mount information warfare strikes 
      or soon will. Criminals are quickly progressing beyond 
      the vandalism and petty theft associated with teen-aged 
      hackers and into robbery and extortion schemes ranging 
      up to millions of dollars, corporate executives and 
      private investigators say. 
      Others reply that the worst threats mentioned are mostly 
      speculation. "Information warfare is a risk to our 
      nation's economy and defense," said Martin Libicki, a 
      senior fellow at the National Defense University. "But 
      I believe we will find ways to cope with these attacks, 
      adjust and shake them off, just as we do to natural 
      disasters like hurricanes." 
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