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Algeria & Censorship

	While I agree with the Algerian military in preventing an Islamic
Fundamentalist takeover (it's one of my examples of situations in which
democracy goes wrong), I definitely don't support many of their other
actions. Lesser of two evils...

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>   PARIS (Sep 30, 1996 1:24 p.m. EDT) - A press freedom watchdog on
>   Monday offered the suspended Algerian daily La Tribune a page on its
>   Internet site to give it an airing during the six-month ban.
>   "Thanks to this initiative, these journalists, banned from writing by
>   the Algerian authorities, will be able to practice their trade again,"
>   the Paris-based Reporters without Borders (RsF) said.
>   An Algiers court suspended La Tribune for six months on September 3
>   over a cartoon mocking the Algerian flag.

>   Fifty-seven journalists have been murdered by suspected rebels. RsF
>   said authorities had suspended or seized newspapers on 55 occasions
>   and 23 journalists had been held for more than 48 hours since the
>   conflict broke out over the 1992 cancellation of a general election
>   fundamentalists were poised to win.
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