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Lucent & Internet Phone

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>   NEW YORK (Sep 17, 1996 7:53 p.m. EDT) - Lucent Technologies Inc.,
>   vowing to make voice and video communication over the Internet as
>   easy-to-use and accessible as the telephone, unveiled Tuesday a new
>   business venture and several products designed to bring Internet
>   communication into the mainstream.

>   The venture is charged with commercializing several ground-breaking
>   Internet software commpression technologies developed at Lucent's Bell
>   Laboratories research unit. Such technology shrinks the capacity
>   required to transmit information over communications networks.
>   Internet-based communications typically requires access to a personal
>   computer, but Lucent envisions using the telephone or other consumer
>   electronics device for the same purpose.
>   Murray Hill, N.J.-based Lucent said its new Elemedia Internet business
>   is now offering software that allows callers to hold
>   "telephone-quality" conversations over the Internet.

	Has anyone taken a look at this software with a view to an
encryption patch?
>   Lucent said its strategy was to capitalize on software component
>   technology developed by Bell Labs by licensing it to other Internet
>   phone makers and established telephone carriers for use in their own
>   products. Lucent does not intend to sell its products directly to the
>   public.

	As I recall, Jeff Weinstein mentioned that he was looking into
encryption for the Netscape Internet Phone. I would be curious if Netscape
is considering integrating the Lucent software.
>   It said its products would be compatible with all major computer
>   operating systems and Internet browsers software.

>   Lucent will introduce a means for callers using standard telephones to
>   place calls via the Internet to callers at conventional phones or to
>   newer PC-based phones.
>   "We believe voice communications between Internet PCs is much more
>   valuable if those voice conversations can happen with people who have
>   telephones," Pavarini said.
>   Lucent officials said these new business-oriented products will become
>   commercially available beginning in the first quarter of 1997 in the
>   United States and be rolled out to selected overseas markets through
>   the second quarter of 1997.

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