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Re: Katz on cypherpunks, in HotWired's Media Rant

Declan McCullagh  wrote:
>[Background: the cypherpunk/pw:cypherpunk account used for HotWired's
>Threads discussion section has been used for anonymous flaming and
>attacks. --Declan]
>The Netizen
>30 Sep 96
>     Cypherpunks don't want real confrontations or discussions, or they
>   would reveal their identities and make it possible to respond, as
>    flamers do. They are among media's rarest and at the same time most
>                  easily recognized subspecies: nihilists.

  Well, this really advances the cause for anonymous emailing.  It's even
more upsetting that, because one knucklehead used cypherpunks as his name
and pw,  his empty-headed rants become associated with the list and the
  <Of course, to be fair,  I have to leave open the possiblility that the
writer has read the likes of John Anon.'s and Dr.Dimitri Vulis'  unique
and ever-so-assine postings.>
   The primary point, however, is that right of privacy regarding
anonymous email is being submerged by idiots who use it to stroke their
miniscule egos.  Look at how many remailers have gone under because of
abuse - or, better yet, look at Georgia's new law regarding the use of
   Tied in with the right to privacy is the right of free speech.  The
problem is that the general public, with few exceptions, understand
this.  Most, I believe, would support the right to privacy;  however, if
they encounter anonymous flaming - especially if it is politically
incorrect/profane/abusive, then we would hear the call for an immediate
end to the right to privacy and a demand for the hanging of anonymity at
high noon.