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Anonymous: Re: Phoenix News

Anyone else get one of these things in their mailbox?

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Subject: Re: Phoenix News
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Perry Metzger,

You will find in your inbox, maybe you already have, a
posting made by me.  I am the President and CEO of IPG.
Included therein is my resume and various other explanatory
materials. We are now in the position of being able to prove
what we have only been able to contend up to now, I realize
that probably do not believe that, but it is true
nonetheless. I have personally dealt with thousands of OTPs
during the last 40 years, and our product produces a
legitimate true OTP, pure and simple.

In those materials, you will also find an attack made on you
and Bill Stewart. That attack is in retaliation to the snide
remarks, and your highly stilted subjective opinions, and
attacks that you and Bill have made on me and IPG in the

I do not object to criticism,  when I am wrong, but I do
object to using just highly subjective opinions to attack me,
or anyone for that matter.

I do not know about you, but I have more important things to
do with my time than to engage in a ''war of words,'' with
you and Bill. However, if you wound me, as you have
repeatedly in the past, by such tactics, I will fight back
furiously to the best of my abilities.

I think it a terrible waste of your talents to engage in such
conduct, and mine too of course.

I do not expect either of you to agree with me unless you
know me to be in the right. Either, or both of you, can
criticize me all you want as long as such criticism is
objective and based on facts.

I seek a truce - and am willing to apologize publicly, if we
can agree that we will not engage in personal subjective
attacks on each other. The ball is in your court, I seek
peace and a more productive usage of my time and will only
respond in you lash out and try to wound me further.


Donald, ''Ralph'', Wood.

"Civility in all human matters is the best indicator of

                              - Aristotle

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