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Re: Another briefing in Atlanta on the NRC crypto report,... (fwd)

I'm still waiting for a briefing from Dorothy Denning, Dave Maher,
and the rest of the Clipper Chip review team on their findings
and a final report :-)  They released a preliminary report,
saying that SkipJack was strong, and never did release a final report
analyzing Clipper itself - the Clipper protocols, the chip itself, 
the master key loading system, or the master key handling procedures
(or if they did issue a final report, they didn't advertise it widely...)

                Bill Stewart

At 02:31 PM 9/30/96 -0700, Stanton McCandlish <[email protected]> forwarded:
>Date: Mon, 30 Sep 96 10:26:00 EST
>From: "CRYPTO" <[email protected]>
>Subject: Another briefing in Atlanta on the NRC crypto report,...
>Another briefing in Atlanta on the NRC crypto report, October 21, 1996
>  Cryptography's Role in Securing the Information Society
>  A Public Briefing in Atlanta, Georgia
>  Monday, October 21, 1996, 1:30-3:30 pm
>There will be a public briefing in Atlanta, Georgia by the National
>Research Council on this report.  The briefing will be held at the
>Manufacturing Research Center on the campus of the Georgia Institute of
>Technology on Monday October 21, from 1:30 to 3:30.   Dr. Herbert Lin,
>director of the NRC study will conduct the briefing.  Questions from the
>audience will be entertained. For further information, please contact Dr.
>Myron L. Cramer (404) 894-7292, <[email protected]> at the
>Georgia Tech Research Institute.

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