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Mail AutoResponder wrote:
> Version 9-30-96:
> Cyber Promotions has started to implement stricter Terms of Service
> policies WITH TEETH.  We have just recently terminated several accounts for
> abuse of our policies.  (Updated TOS at end of message).

[buncha text deleted]

> If you would like to send a complaint about any account @cyberpromo.com or
> @answerme.com or @omni.cyberpromo.com  that has not been terminated, please
> send email to: [email protected]

Ya' know, it's hard enough working 10 hours a day in a sweatshop, coming 
home to three kids and a cranky wife, the washer doesn't work, etc., and 
now I have to answer you?

Please, just leave me alone.  Don't send me anything.  No free money.