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Re: CypherPunks Hash Distribution Network / Combined thread

At 8:18 am -0500 on 3/28/97, Truth Mongrel, (probably the nym formerly
known as Rabid Wombat, possibly a disgruntled BCTEL employee now gone, um,
postal) wrote (Why? Because he can!):

>   Where else can movers and shakers like Robert Hettinga join
> in an list-takeover attempt, call for the killing of the list,
> and then, like a whirling dervish acting as his own spin doctor,
> re-appear, riding on the back of the CypherXenix rising from the
> ashes, and genuinely declare, "I *love* this list."?

Hey! A guy's allowed to change his mind (six, maybe seven, times, tops),
isn't he? :-).

(Down, boy. No! *Don't* lick me in the face! Yyyyech! Pef! Down! Who
*knows* where that tongue's been...)

Bob Hettinga

PS: I *love* this list.

Robert Hettinga ([email protected]), Philodox
e$, 44 Farquhar Street, Boston, MA 02131 USA
"Never attribute to conspiracy what can be
explained by stupidity." -- Jerry Pournelle
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