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Re: spam

On Wed, 26 Mar 97 09:58:54 EST, Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

    > A while back we discussed on the cp mailing list a spec for a system that
    > provide junk e-mailers for free with a list of (hashed) addresses that
    > should be removed from any mass e-mail lists. Is anyone interested in
    > talking about the technical aspects of such a system?

Is there really anything to talk about?

I just implemented such a thing using SHA1 hashes.  Source code, a
database consisting of my address, and a Linux binary are available
(volunteers to compile other binaries, provide an FTP server, or add
their address(es) are welcome!)

It can add and delete addresses, check whether addresses are blocked,
and filter a list of addresses from stdin.  The database is stored as
a text file with the hexadecimal representation of the hashes written
one per line [actually, the first 0<=n<=5 digits of the hash are
appended to the file name, using multiple files to improve search

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