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Re: your mail

Rabid Wombat <[email protected]> writes:

> Based on what I've seen so far, the account numbers were more likely to
> have been obtained from the databases of merchants than from banks. If
> the bank was cracked, there would have been many more card numbers from
> one bank on the CD, rather than a distribution of account numbers issued
> by many institutions. I doubt that someone managed to crack a dozens of
> banks, and then took only a few thousand numbers from each. It is more
> likely that "widgets R us" was compromised, resulting in a few thousand
> accounts from each of the major banks.

A couple of years ago "hackers" got hold of the credit card numbers being
billed by panix.com, a (lousy) NYC ISP. of course that was much less3
than a hundred thousand cards :-)


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