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Net Worth, nut Work

At 6:17 PM -0700 9/1/97, Robert Hettinga wrote:
>Now, kiddies, don't forget to swallow your milk before you read this.
>Don't want to blow it all out your nose...

As the Acting Chairperson of "Access to Tickets for All People," ATAP, I
was disappointed to see so many relics of the Sixth Industrial Capitalist
Era in this press release.

Allow me to comment:

>This message was forwarded through the Eat the Rich News Service (ETRNS).

>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
>Computer Professionals for Social Responsibilty
>* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
>Net Worth, Net Work:
>Technology & Values for the Digital Age
>Saturday and Sunday
>October 4 & 5
>University of California - Berkeley
>Dimwit Hall
>What are the technologies that will make digital commerce work in a socially
>responsible manner? Nathaniel Borenstein of First Virtual and a panel of
>commerce experts will present an overview of the tools of the digital age and
>freewheeling discussion of their responsible use.

ATAP applauds this choice of a keynote speaker. Based on his company's
[censored by ATAP lawyers] products, which some have characterized as a
form of snake oil, it is apparent that he will not soon become a Greedy
Capitalist. Or at least not a rich one.

>New technologies are rapidly changing what people need to know to compete
>effectively in the job market. It is increasingly evident that the technology
>revolution threatens to leave whole populations behind --despite improved
>to computers in our communities. Many predict the long-term result will be
>a new
>generation of Americans mired in low-paying, menial jobs. This panel,
>by Madeline Stanionis of Access to Software for All People (ASAP), will
>access to technology as the basis for economic opportunity.

ATAP demands that all who wish to attend this conference receive tickets
without charge. Fair is fair.

>measured in tons or shiploads, but in much more difficult to measure units
>"attention" and "clickstream." Speculation about the future in this area
>some of the greatest science fiction ever written. The question is not only
>where are we going, but is there anything we do about it?

ATAP thinks this writer needs to take more SF classes. ATAP has never heard
the neologism "clickstream." Perhaps high tech has been taken over English
majors, intent on outyounging Mr. Young?

>Cocktail reception honoring Dr. PETER NEUMANN, 1997 recipient of CPSR's
>Wiener Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of Risk and
>Reliability in Computer Science.  Reception tickets may be purchased without
>registering for the conference, for $30.

What about Access to Tickets for All People? What is this nonsense about
charging money in a money-free, post-work era?

ATAP says "Steal this Event."

>Co-Sponsoring Organizations:
>Department of Computer Science, UCB
>School of Information Management and Systems, UCB
>International Computer Science Institute
>National Writer's Union

Which explains the "clickstream" stupidity. But not "face time" or
"competing for eyeballs."

>Access to Software for All People

>AIR:  United Airlines is the official airline of the conference.
>For a discount rate, call 800-521-4041 and refer to Meeting ID Code: 520YA

I assume that United is providing free tickets for all people?

(A puzzle: If we are in a post-work age, who is flying the planes?)

>HOTEL:  Some rooms have been reserved at the Shattuck Hotel, in downtown
>Berkeley, a few blocks from the campus at $69 for Singles, and $79 for

The Shattuck Hotel will presumably be providing Access to Rooms for All
People (ARAP, as in "That's ARAP.).

>                                Pre- registration (By 9/26)   Late or On site
>CPSR members                            $65______                 $75______
>Non member                              $90______                $100______
>New or Reactivating CPSR membership
>   & registration                       $95______                $105______
>Low income/student                      $30______                  $35______
>No income/Cypherpunk           $0_______             $0______

What's all this stuff about money in a post-money, post-work,
clickstreaming age?

--Klaus! von Future Prime, Acting Chairperson, Access to Tickets for All People

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