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No Subject

Steve Schear wrote:
> >Tim May <[email protected]> wrote:

> It may be somewhat self-serving but in light of the past few hundred years
> history, few (except Italians) would see the founding of Rome as
> significant as the invention of democracy.

History is relative. I see neither or the these as being of as great a
significance as the first time I got laid.
> >or so, the death of that Jesus guy
> >was a minor event (the real event was the rise of the Church, in Rome,
> >during the next few centuries,
> I think you'd get some major disagreements with that one.

No. No one disagrees with that one.
> Many historians do not see Constantine's empire as truly the continuation
> of the Roman Empire per se, but that of the church (an event which as you
> point out began with Jesus).

  The church began with the invention of money. The papacy began with
invention of bingo. The reformation was begun by sore losers who never
anything at bingo. Jewry began with a jeweller who had agraphia. (1)
(1) "I Know About All That Old Shit" by the History Guy