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Re: snuffle.c (was Re: Reuter on Bernstein Ruling)

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Adam Back wrote:

You ->>
You ->>snuffle and unsnuffle are only 64 lines each... so here they are.  You
You ->>need snefru also (snuffle for those not following is a construction to
You ->>convert a hash function into an encryption function ... Bernstein's
You ->>example is set up to use snefru ... a hash function).
        How can I get snefru and the detailed snuffle algorithm?
I am not from USA(I am from India)....I also wanted the perl
implementations of the algos.....
  I heard that C implementation of DES is also available for public use...
I donot want to break any law...and i donot know what exactly  the US
say about encryption and related stuff...

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