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Re: Missing Kids and Porn Links

Most of people who publicly "care for children" are hidden pedophiles or
control freaks, in my humble opinion.


Mike Duvos wrote:
> Damaged Justice <[email protected]> writes:
>  > The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
>  > (NCMEC) encourages the owners of Web sites to add a link
>  > that will bring up the picture of a different missing child
>  > every ten minutes. According to Ruben Rodriguez, Supervisor
>  > of the Exploited Child Unit, the Center is getting 70 to 80
>  > requests a day for information to create the link. Some
>  > sites, however, have taken the initiative themselves,
>  > including pornographic Web sites.
>  > One popular porn site proclaims on its home page that,
>  > "This Site Cares About Our Young Children! Please Take A Few
>  > Seconds To Look At The Pictures Of The Missing Children!!
>  > Every Ten Minutes When You Reload A Different Child's
>  > Picture Appears! If We Can Save Just ONE! Then Wouldn't That
>  > Be Worth It?" That particular site, said Rodriguez, will get
>  > a cease and desist letter from the Center's chief legal
>  > counsel.
> The thing to realize here is that NCMEC is an agency which
> receives almost 100% of its funding from government agencies, one
> of which is the Juvenile Justice division of the US DOJ.
> It has about as much to do with childrens' rights as aardvarks
> have to do with starship design.  It exists primarily so that
> news organizations can point and say "Childrens' Advocates
> Praised the President's Decision" every time childrens' civil
> liberties are further reduced, or some laughable new definition
> of child porn is criminalized.
> In addition, it helps to conduct the war against imagined
> pedophiles, both at home and abroad, and enforces the property
> rights of parents against any minor under the age of 18 who dares
> to leave their bed and board.  These two agendas may be easily
> combined, since if one is not with ones parents, one is obviously
> in the clutches of an exaltation of pedophiles grooming one for a
> life of sexual depravity.
> While reasonable people would see little problem in popular adult
> web sites also posting missing childrens' pictures, NCMEC toes
> the child sex hysteric party line, and accepts links only from
> ideologically pure "Save the Children" organizations, like CPAC,
> which engage in content-based harrassment of perfectly legal
> material, and which subscribe to the doctrine of "Voodoo
> Molestation" when otherwise ordinary photographs are viewed.
> If you're a missing or exploited child, seek the services of a
> good childrens' legal advocate, not NCMEC, unless of course you
> wish to have your picture on numerous grocery items, be returned
> to your parents in handcuffs, and be used to promote someone
> elses political agenda, the only "services" NCMEC has ever
> managed to provide to children in need.
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