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Re: Fate of Jews in America (fwd)

At 11:35 PM -0700 9/2/97, Anonymous wrote:
>Cypherpunks are in no position to make remarks about Jewish racism.
>Jews were far more welcoming to such as Sammy Davis, Jr. than many
>cypherpunks would be.  "Off my porch, nigger!" would be the undoubted
>greeting from some of our ostensible leaders, as they take shotgun in

If the nigger demanded entrance to my porch, or snuck in at night, then I
would indeed fill the nigger with buckshot. Ditto for the honkey. Or the

If, however, the black or white or whatever acted in a nonthreatening,
nondemanding, mutually voluntary way, why would I care what his melanin
level was? Nothing in this "Sammy Davis" you refer to suggests he forced
his way onto anyone's porch. (If he did, then of course he should have been
shot dead.)

There are blacks in the Cypherpunks group. some of whom have come to CP
meetings in the Bay Area. I don't recall anyone chasing them off with
shotguns or AR-15s, or even making racist comments.

(It is true that the vast majority of Cypherpunks are basically
libertarian, and hence are not keen on government programs to favor one
race or sex or group over another. Jesse Jackson calls this point of view
"racism." "Ending discrimination in favor of some races is racism," he
claims. Most list members would reject this.)

Besides, in a society with strong crypto, how are you or any government
going to stop people from dealing with whomever they wish, on whatever
basis they wish?

--Tim May

There's something wrong when I'm a felon under an increasing number of laws.
Only one response to the key grabbers is warranted: "Death to Tyrants!"
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