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Big Brother is watching

Fairfax County, In the Peoples Republic of Virginia

Citizens in the PRV who have been travelling in Fairfax County will soon
be recieving summons to come pay their dues to the monster in the form of
traffic citations for running red lights issued by Big Brother.

Yes, rest assured that Big Brother is watching. Three CopBots have been
deployed around the county to take pictures of vehicles exiting
intersections after the light has turned red. These CopBots are a great
boon to our prosperity and security as they free up the huminoid Cops from
traffic duties so that they can better spend their time toilet plunger

In the month since this "trial program" began, over 3 thousand citations
have been prepared and will be in the mail as of TODAY!!!. All Hail Big
Brother, security is at hand!! Hurrah!!

With this wonderful sucess, We can all look forward to this items being
placed in our domiciles in order to further protect us from crime.

This is truely a great day.

Weep for joy!

I love Big Brother.